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Small Kilns

Small Kilns from Evenheat & Jen-Ken

Are you looking to purchase a small kiln for you home studio? Soul Ceramics has the largest selection of small kilns online from the most popular brand in the industry. We guarantee the lowest prices on every product we sell, and offer free shipping on every standard order.

If you need a little help deciding which kiln is right for you, be sure to read our guide on the Best Ceramic Kilns for Home Use.


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i love my jenny

i've found working with clay incredibly rewarding over this last year. as a mom of two special needs kids, and working a high stress level job, i love to the feel of touching cold clay. with little time i couldn't find a good solution to meet with a friend who would fire for me so i used some money just for me to buy my own kiln. i spent months learning (and still am) on how to form what i want with the clay itself, but the firing is now so easy. and there have been no mishaps yet! i liken myself to a stooge so my husband thought for sure i'd find a way to burn the house down but i haven't even come close! i don't buy anything for myself hardly ever but this was a great purchase. i did the electric, and i think the size is perfect for what i do. would recommend this kiln for anyone starting out or who does smaller pieces. i can verify it is as close to idiot proof as you can get. the instructions weren't awesome i'll admit, it took some time to figure them out, so i had a bit of an issue with the initial settings, but i never change them so once i figured that out it was all good.

Love my eavenheat.

I love my eavenheat. And very smooth transaction from soul ceramics.
I’m glad I got the 220v. If I were to do it over again. I would have spent a little extra for a better controller. The set pro does everything I need it to do, but can be tedious at times.

Great little kiln

This is a great little kiln to start out with. Works great but you do have to keep an eye on it because the temps can fluctuate some. This kiln does not keep a steady temp like the ones you can program with the digital controls. But you can still do everything in it. Very happy with my purchase.

LOVE, LOVE this kiln

This was my first kiln purchase and I could not be happier. I’m a hobby potter. This kiln is the perfect size for me. The Set-Pro control makes it virtually fool proof for beginners. When I post photos in my pottery group there are always envious “ooo”s and “awwww”s over my kiln. I would buy again in a heartbeat! The company was very quick and responsive to my questions.

My first kiln

This is my first kiln purchase and although I haven't fired a lot of pieces yet I'm liking the experience a lot. I'm using it right now for glass fusing (pate de verre) It has been easy to use and has produced the results I expected. The experience with SoulCeramics has been great.