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4 Ways To Create Stunning Glass Arts

4 Ways To Create Stunning Glass Arts

There are several ways on how you can create a masterpiece using glass.

In this article, we'd like to show a compilation of art works using the most common glass work process 

We hope ya'll like it!

Fused Glass - Joining of pieces of glass at a high-temperature (1,292 °F) and (1,510 °F)


“White and Black graffiti glass” by Suelle J. Parker of @suellenjparker 

Slumped glass - Using a kiln, you can shape your glass molds at high temperatures.
"One-of-a-kind slumped glass plate with monstera design in the middle and the corners" created by

Blown Glass - A glass-forming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble with the aid of a blow-tube.
"Falling" by Cathryn Shilling of @cathrynshilling

Stained Glass - Glass painted with colors to form a beautiful piece. Also described as "illuminated wall decorations".
by @cemeterylanedesign - maker of Unique Gothic stained glass creations

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