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Best price on the kiln with the upgrades I wanted, plus the free shipping. Excellent! TJ was very helpful and answered all my questions.

Denise Welsh

I ordered an Evenheat oven 120 volt version for knife making at home. I love it, It works great. The controls are easy to use and the oven is well built.

Jeremy Terry

You had what I was looking for and the price was right I'm very pleased with the product. And shipping was fast

Rebecca Hallmon

Best price online. Fast and friendly service. I ordered the heat treating oven for bladesmithing and it has worked perfectly. Plus its easy to operate!

Ron Cranker

Placed my order without issue. Needed to add to my order the following day. Done without issue. Very happy with service. 

Dave Bartley

Best price on kiln after research. Excellent service, excellent product.

Charity Hagen

It was the best price point I found on the internet. My experience was very smooth and straight forward, I wouldn't change a thing. I purchased the KH 418 for knife making, I am very pleased with it's performance and would recommend it to others.


Absolutely top notch service and a superior product. I threw them a curve and changed my order after I had placed it and they handled it seamlessly. Referred by my knife guild

Rob Gooch

Flawless transaction. Outstanding customer service.

Donald Bless

After only one glaze in my new Jen-Ken kiln I know I’ll never switch. I’ve found TJ to be extremely helpful and prompt our email exchanges. I had a “newbe” question after the kiln arrives and the lady answering the phone was courteous and gave me the response I needed without making me feel silly for asking!

Dan S.

The experience was great. Fast and friendly service, and answered all my questions as I was very excited to get my first wheel. I purchased the Clay Boss with a 1HP motor and it is absolutely wonderful. It came in good packaging and within 1 week of my order. I will buy more products from this company because they are very reliable.

Mandy P.

Family owned, good prices, good reviews. Service great. No issues with order or delivery. I love it! Learning so much. Have started with small easy frit flowers to get my feet wet.

Ron N.

Great customer service. Helpful resources. Great kiln.

Tamila W.

It was a present for my brother and he loves it. He is very excited.

Jacqueline M.

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