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Evenheat KH Series

Evenheat’s KH Series is perfect for North American heat treaters who can't get access to 240V. The KH Series heat treat ovens are designed to operate from the North American standard household voltage of 120V.

The KH Series models are very capable of reaching temperature, however they will take about twice as long to get there than a 240V model. Generally speaking they will reach 1650°F in about 1-1/2 hours.

Looking to pack a bit more punch into your heat treating? The LB Series operates on 240V and will reach a maximum temperature of 2200°F, and the KO Series with it’s superior special alloy elements and 3” brick reaches for the sky at 2400°F!

Evenheat Knife Oven - KH 418
Evenheat Knife Oven - KH 418
$ 2,123.99 $ 2,655.00
Evenheat Knife Oven - KH 414 - Soul Ceramics
Evenheat Knife Oven - KH 414
$ 2,063.99 $ 2,580.00