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Quick Ship Kilns

Important Note: Due to the surge in sales for 2020, Olympic's QuickShip program is suspended until further notice. All models are still available, but will have a manufacturing lead time.

Wow - "QuickShip" kilns! Honestly, this one even surprises us! Kilns from every manufacturer we've ever worked with, or even heard of, has always had a lead time for their kilns as each one is built made-to-order - it's just a fact of the industry!

But Olympic Kiln comes along and turns the paradigm on its head!

The kilns below are regularly being built to keep up with demands, and are ready to ship from the factory in ~15 business days!

The catch? What causes the lead time on these kilns normally is the variety of combinations for the configuration that can be built. In order to have your kiln ready to ship. Olympic only builds certain configurations to be kept in stock. Please check the product page for the kiln you're interested in for more details.

Olympic Kiln - Doll E - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - Doll E
$ 1,092.00 $ 1,365.00
Olympic Kiln - MAS1823HE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - MAS1823HE
$ 1,852.00 $ 2,315.00
Olympic Kiln - HB89E - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - HB89E
$ 1,024.00 $ 1,280.00
Olympic Kiln - MAS2327HE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - MAS2327HE
$ 2,896.00 $ 3,620.00
Olympic Kiln - Square 146GFE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - Square 146GFE
$ 1,172.00 $ 1,465.00