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Wow - In stock kilns! Honestly, this one even surprises us! Kilns from every manufacturer we've ever worked with, or even heard of, has always had a lead time for their kilns as each one is built made-to-order - it's just a fact of the industry!

But Olympic Kiln comes along and turns the paradigm on its head!

The kilns below are regularly in-stock, and ready to ship from the factory within 5-7 business days!

The catch? What causes the lead time on these kilns normally is the variety of combinations for the configuration that can be built. In order to have your kiln ready to ship. Olympic only builds certain configurations to be kept in stock. Please check the product page for the kiln you're interested in for more details.


Olympic Kiln - Doll E - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - Doll E
$ 779.99 $ 975.00
Olympic Kiln - MAS1823HE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - MAS1823HE
$ 1,319.99 $ 1,650.00
Olympic Kiln - Champ XL - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - Champ XL
$ 779.99 $ 975.00
Olympic Kiln - HB89E - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - HB89E
$ 731.99 $ 915.00
Olympic Kiln - Quatro 16
Olympic Kiln - Quatro 16
$ 1,079.99 $ 1,350.00
Olympic Kiln - 129E - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - 129E
$ 855.99 $ 1,070.00
Olympic Kiln - 2514GFE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - 2514GFE
$ 2,015.99 $ 2,520.00
Olympic Kiln - Square 186GFE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - Square 186GFE
$ 1,307.99 $ 1,635.00
Olympic Kiln - 1823HE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - 1823HE
$ 1,547.99 $ 1,935.00
Olympic Kiln - MAS2323HE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - MAS2323HE
$ 1,811.99 $ 2,265.00
Olympic Kiln - HB86E - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - HB86E
$ 647.99 $ 810.00
Olympic Kiln - GF314ETLC - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - GF314ETLC
$ 2,279.99 $ 2,850.00
Olympic Kiln - Square 189GFE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - Square 189GFE
$ 1,303.99 $ 1,630.00
Olympic Kiln - MAS2827HE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - MAS2827HE
$ 2,459.99 $ 3,075.00
Olympic Kiln - MAS2823HE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - MAS2823HE
$ 2,303.99 $ 2,880.00
Olympic Kiln - 2327HE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - 2327HE
$ 2,343.99 $ 2,930.00
Olympic Kiln - MAS2327HE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - MAS2327HE
$ 2,063.99 $ 2,580.00
Olympic Kiln - MAS1818HE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - MAS1818HE
$ 1,247.99 $ 1,560.00
Olympic Kiln - Square 146GFE - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - Square 146GFE
$ 839.99 $ 1,050.00
Olympic Kiln - Traveler - Soul Ceramics
Olympic Kiln - Traveler
$ 1,007.99 $ 1,260.00
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179 reviews
Game changer

This heat treat oven is the nicest piece of equipment that I have ever purchased for my knife shop. I have been heat treating in my forge for years and even with a thermocouple in the forge it’s very hard to get an even temperature Over the entire blade. I used my new oven for the first time last night on an 18” knife and it came out evenly heated from one end to the other. This thing is going to be a game changer.

Best customer service ever

This was my first purchase from Soul Ceramics but it won't be my last. They helped me in so many ways during my oven purchase. I had a lot of questions this being a big purchase and they answered them all promptly. A big thank you to Alex and TJ for all your help. I bought the lb18, as far as I know is not available at any Canadian dealers. I had it delivered to Mikes Parcel Service in North Dakota to take advantage of the free shipping. When it arrived. I got a text and the next day travelled across the border pick it up. Everything went really smoothly and I was back home with my new oven in 2 hours. I set it up in my shop and used a Powerline adapter to run Internet service to the shop. When I turned it on the top controller asked if I wanted to update the software. I updated and ran a test program which was preloaded and took the oven up to a thousand degrees. Everything works great and I couldn't be happier. Thanks to everyone at Soul ceramics it's been a great experience dealing with you all.

Excellent customer service

Very prompt to return calls. Answered my questions and were very personable. Kiln arrived and is wonderful.

It’s a game changer

Love the new kiln. High quality. Thanks for the smooth transaction.

As advertised

I have only had the oven for a short time but it is as advertised. They communicated great the hole time and delivered as promised.