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Paragon Knife Ovens

Set yourself free!

With the Paragon KM Series ovens you'll no longer find yourself wrapping blades and shipping them to your heat treater, no more waiting until you have enough blades ready to get the bulk pricing, no longer turn away last minute orders!

Once you've gotten used to your new Paragon furnace, you'll question how you ever got along without it! The ease and speed of your heat treating will never be easier.

You'll find renewed excitement and vigor in your craft as you find there is nothing stopping you from finishing your blade as soon as possible!

For millennia, knives have had their place in history: Wherever humans have withstood severe tests - whether in the steaming jungles of the South Pacific, the cruel deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, or the Chosen Reservoir - they have depended upon great knives. Wherever explorers have gone, they have taken great knives with them - over the prairies and mountains of the American West, across the desolate plains of the North Pole, through the silence of deep space.

Knives have always accompanied explorers on great journeys. Yet knife making, itself, is an adventure all its own. It begins when the future owner shares the dream of a special knife with the maker. They talk excitedly over the first rough sketches. Then the maker retires to his shop and loses himself in the creation of the knife. Time disappears; the hours tick by as he grinds, heat treats, polishes.

Paragon is ready to make new history - with you.