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Artist Spotlight - John Blasingame

Welcome to this week's edition of the Soul Ceramic's Artist Spotlight

Every week, we will share with you one of our many talented artists. From the at-home weekend hobbyists, to the professionals at work in their studio. We'll cover pottery, glass working, heat treating, and everything in-between.

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Allow us to introduce to you this week's Artist Spotlight: John Blasingame

John is located in Cloverdale, Alabama and is working on honing their craft of knifemaking.

How long have you been crafting?

More than 8 years

Why did you get started?

I was a machinist after high school and learned how to do black smithing. I really enjoyed both. Black smithing lead me to shoeing horses and other metal work. Also I loved woodworking as a hobby. I combined the two things I enjoyed and started making knifes.

Who are your inspirations?

Bob Lovelace and other pioneer knife makers

In my knife making experience, it has led me to making new friends and people that enjoy crafting as I do.
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Why do you do what you do?

I like making things with my hands. On my knife handles, some of the wood comes from trees I harvest from my own land and some of the deer antlers come from the deer that me and my boys hunt.

How did you learn - and how do you continue to grow and educate yourself?

Trial and error. Books and videos. Using a lot of metal and wood. Improving with time and patience.

Do you have a philosophy, or style that you bring to your work?

My knifes are mostly used for hunting or every day carry. Most of the blades I make are Damascus, O-1, and D2 Steel. The main blade length is 3.5 inches. Occasionally I do make some bowie knifes. The wood handles are usually Walnut, Osage and Burl hardwood. I use deer antlers I have but will make your knife with yours if you have any. Each knife I make comes with its own custom leather scabbard that I also hand craft. I try to craft a good knife at a fair price and usually my customers will call me to make them more than one.

What equipment are you using?

My two main machines in my shop are my Soul Ceramic Even Heat Oven Kiln (John purchased an Evenheat KO Series Knife Oven with the Rampmaster III Controller and Quiet Drive Solid State Relays) and my 2”x72” Northridge belt sander/grinder. Of course I have several hand tools and homemade jigs I couldn’t do without.

Anything else you'd like to add?

In my knife making experience, it has led me to making new friends and people that enjoy crafting as I do. A BIG thanks to Soul Ceramics to helping me find the perfect kiln that is exactly what I needed, at an affordable price, and excellent quality! For a custom knife or one you see posted, feel free to contact John at 256-633-9693.

Interested in finding more of John's work?

John doesn't have an online presence, but you can call him direct at 256-633-9693!

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