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Artist Spotlight - Sarah Wallace

Welcome to the very first edition of the Soul Ceramic's Artist Spotlight!

Every week, we will share with you one of our many talented artists. From the at-home weekend hobbyists, to the professionals at work in their studio. We'll cover pottery, glass working, heat treating, and everything in-between.

Come along for the ride and help us share the passion and these beautiful works of art!

Sarah Wallace

Allow me to introduce to you this week's Artist Spotlight: Sarah Wallace!

Located in the charming rural town of Higginsville, Missouri - located about 40 minutes East of Kansas City - Sarah enjoys honing her craft of wheel thrown pottery.

Starting at the ripe age of 9 years old, Sarah was introduced to ceramics through the 4-H youth development program. From there on, she was hooked and continued to take classes all throughout High School and College.

"Even though I went to college and got my degree in Economics and Personal Finance I spent most of my free time in college in the Ceramics classroom. I continue to learn new techniques from Pinterest and YouTube. What would we do without the internet?"

Every artist needs proper tools and equipment, Sarah is using an Evenheat RM II 1822 kiln and a Speedball Clay Boss pottery wheel.

Every time I open my kiln it's like Christmas. It is always a surprise!
Lily Jude #1 Lily Jude #2

Asking what drew her to to the craft, Sarah exclaimed, "I love how involved you are in ceramics - the process is like baking, construction, chemistry and art all combined. Every time I open my kiln it's like Christmas. It is always a surprise!"

Sarah draws inspiration from a variety of sources, but her favorite artist has always Claude Monet.

"I like to call what I make Functional Art. Artistic, unique things that you can actually use. Beautiful pieces you can display and use. Almost everything I make is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe."

Sarah originally jumped into pottery as a hobby, but as her collection grew - she decided too turn it into a small business. Her work can be found at a number of local craft fairs, as well as her Etsy store Lily Jude Pottery.

"I named my Etsy shop after my two kids Lily and Jude. I hope that they will have the courage to follow their passions and know that it is ok to step outside the box and do what they love."

Interested in finding more of Sarah's work?

Discover more of Sarah's work and support her on the Lily Jude Pottery website & online store, @LilyJudePottery Instagram, and Lily Jude Pottery Facebook!

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