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Artist Spotlight - Thomas Waterman

Welcome back to the Soul Ceramic's Artist Spotlight!

Every week, we will share with you one of our many talented artists. From the at-home weekend hobbyists, to the professionals at work in their studio. We'll cover pottery, glass working, heat treating, and everything in-between.

Come along for the ride and help us share the passion and these beautiful works of art!

Thomas Waterman

Allow me to introduce to you this week's Artist Spotlight: Thomas Waterman!

Thomas is a metal worker and knife maker from Kingsport, Tennessee and has been working at his craft for 5 years now. His work looks excellent and we're excited to have the chance to learn more about his journey.

A Veteran of the US Army in medical retirement, Thomas began metal working as therapy for PTSD.

"I make knives and blacksmith because I love to make things with my hands. I have yet to make any money at this art but it doesn’t matter. To start a project with just steel and fire and turn it into usable art is unmatched in my book. It something you can see and feel every time you touch the knife."

The mark of a true artist, we think!

Thomas was fortunate to have a mentor guide him on his journey. Having someone to not only give you direction, but to show you how to improve and pass along the learnings from past mistakes throughout generations of a trade's development, is one of the fastest ways to improve.

"My first inspiration was Alec Steele but I quickly found a gentleman by the name of Jared Cory at Omnivor blade works who took me under his wing and truest got me off the ground. He not only showed me how to make a knife but let me use his shop to explore where I wanted to going in the craft. He was a true light in the world when there were a lot of shut doors."

Thomas didn't stop there though. As his skills continued to be honed, he began seeking out additional knowledge to build upon his craft and skillset.

Knowledge is abundant, and we need only know how to take hold of it!

"I learned from Jared Cory at Omnivor Blade works. He showed me the way down the road. He still is teaching more and more about the art of knife making but I have reached out to other knife makers like Daren at TCT Knives who has shown me new prospectives and Chris Williams at Wilmont grinders who has helped with production and what is capable within the art forum."

Thomas works with an Evenheat KF 22.5 Heat Treat Oven with the TAP Controller, a Wilmont 2x72 Grinder, and an NC whisper forge.

"Three things I could never live without!"

We end by asking Thomas what his philosophy, or style he tries to bring to his work. To that, he says:

"My only philosophy I work by “Buy a ticket ride the ride” - Dr. Hunter S Thompson. Which means to me is there is no such thing as perfect go where the metal takes you and you might be somewhere you never knew you could be." 

Thomas Waterman #1


Interested in finding more of Thomas's work?

Discover more of Thomas's work and support her on, @Pkshockerboy357 Instagram, and Waterman Knives Facebook!

   Thomas Waterman #2

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Olympic Kiln - 146 Slider
Steven Hewitt (Columbia, US)
Can’t wait to fire this kiln.

The new Olympic kiln I ordered is well made with a good thickness to the wall with a state of the arts tempreature controller just what you need for firing up the glass components needed to create the projects in my mind’s eye. Luckily I will not be works larger than 12 inches square since the interior usable space is actually 14 inches square. This is the type of information that may cause folks to purchase larger interior space kiln.

Speedball Boss Splash Pan
William Kaplan (San Leandro, US)
Soul Ceramics is Awesome!!!

I was surprised that Soul stocked this hard to find splashpan. They shipped out quickly but FedEx delayed delivery for a few days. Soul Ceramics customer service was on top of it and got it straightened out and delivered. I highly recommend Soul Ceramics!

Evenheat Knife Oven - KO 22.5
Marc Chord (Portland, US)
Works great

Even heat 22.5 ko came 100%assembled and ready to go. Went with quite relays and temp only deviates +~4deg. Great service and response from soul ceramics when I had one little problem when it was totally my screw up

Evenheat Knife Oven - KH 418
Daniel Schulze (Milwaukee, US)
Kiln worked good.

My only complaint is that the door mount is a sloppy design. The door sits crooked and a mistake screw hole was drilled. I will fix it eventually but for the money I spent a little more care should have went into it.

Evenheat Heat Treat Oven - LB 27
Alex Coward (San Dimas, US)
The LB 27 oven.

This team is awesome, TJ, Alex, & Lea took care of all the transactions, ordering, Q&A, additional parts, Shipping etc. Kept me up to date weekly as the manufacturing process did increase. These small companies Evenheat and Soul ceramics are true MADE IN THE USA companies. I would absolutely recommend them. I love my LB27. I can now make 2 foot gold bars