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Yoni Wunderman - Compliance Edge Knives

Compliance Edge Knives is a Bay Area handmade knife operation, specializing in tactical style knives built with a focus on utility. All Compliance Edge knives are handmade in his San Jose garage.

Compliance Edge Knives being made
I got into making knives after I was sidelined from Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, and Combatives training due to a surgery. We had a small shop in the academy that I would use, and I eventually built up my own shop over a year. As the shop grew, my skills and designs grew, and I eventually came to the point where people wanted to purchase my knives. From there Compliance Edge Knives LLC was born, and the shop continues to evolve constantly.

My philosophy on making tactical knives is simple. A tactical style knife is a tool that must perform a variety of tasks, not just one. I believe there are no need for flashy grinds, and flashy blade/handle shapes. Simple and comfortable knives, with a proper heat treatment are what I focus on.

Yoni uses an Evenheat KH 414 Knife Oven for his creations. You can see more of his work at