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14 Beautifully Designed Metal Clay Jewelry Pieces


Metal clay firing is an exciting way to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. Metal clays are made up of tiny silver, gold, bronze and copper particles. These particles are mixed with a binder such as liquid starch.

The Two Most Common Methods of Firing Metal Clays

Hand Held Butane Torch - Any torch can be used to fire metal clays. It's affordable, easy to use and super handy.

For safety, you must be 12" away from any combustible objects before you start firing. Make sure that your already formed metal clay is completely dried up before firing. Your piece will start burning after a minute but will go away after a few seconds. 

Once the metal becomes bright and luminous, then it's time to cool it off.

Electric Kilns - All types of metal clay can be fired using a metal clay electric kiln. Typically, metal clay kilns are portable and easy to program. 

The recommended firing temperature for metal clay when using an electric kiln is 1650°F/900°C.

Soul Ceramics offers a number of kilns perfectly suited for firing metal clay.

Here are some of the most beautiful metal clay jewelries we have spotted on Instagram

























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