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15 Impressive Blown Glass Masterpieces


Glassblowing, also known as glass shaping, is a process where the glass is softened at a very high temperature, around 2000°F - 2400°F, and then attached to a "punty" or a rod, usually steel or iron, rolling it over a flame or firing it using a torch. It is then blown or inflated using a blowpipe. From there, you can start shaping the glass with the design you desire.

To give you inspiration - we've selected a few uniquely designed blown glass masterpieces.

Cathryn Shilling - she's an award-winning glass artist based in the UK. Lovely hand blown glass with silver leaf.


 ... another one from Cathryn Shilling - A group of Fractured Vessels.


 Thomas Petit - maker of hand blown glass based in the UK. Named these tear drop vase as "Sea Shore-Flint". 


The "Autumn Centura" by randisolinglass a master glass blower from Vermont, US.


"Crumpled Ruby" - mesmerizing piece by kiarapelissierstudios from Virginia, US.


 Beatiful "Tidal bottles" by janecharlesstudioglass - producer of decorative blown glass in an array of colours shapes and finishes based in the UK.



 "Roaring Deep" by edolselliottglass - Kathy Elliott & Ben Edols creation.


This marble is created by aspenhotglass from Montana.



Colorful blown glass octopus by Michael Hopko of hopkoartglass - nature inspired blown glass maker.


PsylentPearlPacks by psylentglass.


"Obeseberry" blown and sculpted by ewalkerglassart from the UK.



Beautiful "Sea Form" blown glass created by ewalkerglassart.


ricardojuanlawyer calls this piece as "Over". From plate to a bowl shape blown glass piece.  


"Sea shore Amethyst" tear drop blown glass by thomaspetitglass.


Semi-Translucent Selenium Red Bowl with Pink Multiflora Decor by Charles Lotton of lottonartglass.

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