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9 Fabulous ways to decorate your ceramics


There are so many ways to decorate, paint or glaze your ceramic pieces. By adding this process, it will not only enhance the beauty but will also serve as a protection to your pottery.

So, let's get started!😉

Painting - There are so many types of paints out there. The most common used for ceramic work are Latex, Epoxy and Acrylic paint. 

You can use different colors to decorate your already first fired ceramic piece



A handpainted creative design by @sonrazuma_ceramics 

Glazeit’s used to waterproof, decorate and give pottery a smooth, glass-like surface once it has been fired once.

A beautiful pearl look over a black glaze made by @gregdalyceramics


A stunning look of a glazed pot by @shafersprings 


Carving - decorating your pottery with a use of a knife. You can reshape or make pleasing design that will surely add beauty to your masterpiece.

 Carved tulip-inspired vases designed by a brilliant artist @sharon_g_pottery


 "Eye catching" carved eye dishes crafted by @hand_and_fiber


Burnishing - it's a method where you polish your pottery until it becomes beautifully shiny without applying glazes.

Using a hard smooth surface such as a wooden or bone spatula, smooth stones, plastic, or even glass bulbs, while it still is in a leathery 'green' state,  before firing.


Beautiful art work by Claire @claireceramics


Burnished horsehari raki pot. - @jax8786


Terra Sigillata - ancient form of decorating ceramics.

A very traditional stripe marked cup by @markarnold_ceramics


Roman Barbotine pottery style by @potterybyjeannewood


Lithiograpgy - is a planographic printmaking process in which a design is drawn onto a flat stone.


A beautiful printed plane white ceramic tableware crafted by @alpinelifestyleb


Agateware is pottery decorated with a combination of contrasting colored clays.


Love this color combination! Handmade pottery by @tantibaci_ceramics


You'd surely love to use this tea set - outstanding color combo! @addipots

Engobe - Clay Slip used to coat the surface of pottery before firing. Used as a decoration or to cover undesirable features in the clay.


Beautiful cup before firing - designed by @mila.home.ceramics


Bowl decorated with slips handmade by @ceramicamet


Gold decoration - gold decoration is added on some high quality ware. Looks absolutely beautiful and classy!

Lovely tea cup ware with a touch of gold decoration by @papook.ceramic



A luxurious gold cup ceramics crafted by @gerehgallery_handicraft_ca


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