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6 Perfectly Crafted Handmade Damascus Blades


Damascus blades stands out because of their damask print. 

We've explored Instagram and found hundreds of beautifully crafted blades from 6 of the most followed blacksmith and knifemakers.

@lukedellmyer from Hellertown, PA began his blacksmithing in 2016. 

 Beautifully crafted low-layered damascus w/ snake wood and wrought clam shell guard. Amazing!



 @jlknifemaking known as Jannek Löffler is 23 year hobby knife maker from Germany. You'll absolutely love his handmade damascus edc!



@jessemillermadeknives from Ohio demonstrates his creativity in his handmade damascus edc! Check this out!



@hvedegaardknivesMikkel Hvedegaard a 23 year old knifemaker from Denmark. The maker of this beauty!



@heartwoodforge or Will Manning is a maker of artisan crafted kitchen knives, mostly made from recycled materials.

Feel his passion by looking at this lovely damascus!


@davidlisch from Washington is truly a remarkable knifemaker and a master of blacksmithing! 


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