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Artist Spotlight - Beth Beck

Welcome to this week's edition of the Soul Ceramic's Artist Spotlight

Every week, we will share with you one of our many talented artists. From the at-home weekend hobbyists, to the professionals at work in their studio. We'll cover pottery, glass working, heat treating, and everything in-between.

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Allow us to introduce to you this week's Artist Spotlight: Beth Beck

Beth is located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky and is working on honing their craft of Glass and Metalworking.

How long have you been crafting?

Metalsmith work since 2003, lapidary work since 2017, glass work since 2019

Why did you get started?

In college, I would pass by a jewelry making classroom on my way to art classes. One day, a friend of mine took me into one of those classrooms. I was amazed by all the tools and jewelry the students were making. It was that day that drawing and painting no longer held my interest. But, I could never get into the jewelry making classes. Life passed me by, but finally in 2003, I began to research how to make metalsmith jewelry. It wasn't long I realized that one of the reasons I liked to make jewelry was that I liked working with all the different gemstones. This later led me to cut my own cabochon stones. Then, in 2019, my love of glass developed.

Who are your inspirations?

God is my main inspiration because He has instilled in me that I can do anything I set my mind to. My inspiration for glass beads came from Jeannie Cox, a very talented glass artist. I began following her work in 2019. I was amazed at her work in making glass beads. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2019 not long after finding out she was ill. I was heartbroken that such a talented lady had passed. I did not know her personally, but felt like I did through her videos.

When I go to my shop to work, it is my quiet place away from the rest of the world and the hustle and bustle of life. It is my calm.
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Why do you do what you do?

When I go to my shop to work, it is my quiet place away from the rest of the world and the hustle and bustle of life. It is my calm. It feels like therapy for me. This is important for someone who has suffered from depression at different periods in my life. I also get such pleasure in seeing what I have produced either from metal, glass, or stone.

How did you learn - and how do you continue to grow and educate yourself?

In 2003, when I finally decided to pursue metalsmith work, I just began to research and read on how to bend, anneal, and solder metal. I learned as much as I could. I did the same when my love of stones and glass came. I've always known if I research, I can do anything if I apply myself. That sounds a bit cocky, but it's not that at all. It truly is something I've just known I'm gifted with.

Do you have a philosophy, or style that you bring to your work?

I don't really have a philosophy except that sometimes when accidents happen, I will tell myself there are no accidents and then try and see what I can do with that mistake. As for style, I have always been told my work has a little bit of a rustic feel to it. I think I am a mix, but I do tend to gravitate towards it sometimes.

What equipment are you using?

I have several torches for metalsmith and glass work. I also bought an Olympic kiln from Soul Ceramics that helps me anneal glass beads. I use a lap machine and polishing equipment for stone work.

Anything else you'd like to add?


Interested in finding more of Beth's work?

Discover more of Beth's work at, @thecuttingwheel on Instagram, and Facebook!

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