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Artist Spotlight - Emily Jones

Welcome to this week's edition of the Soul Ceramic's Artist Spotlight

Every week, we will share with you one of our many talented artists. From the at-home weekend hobbyists, to the professionals at work in their studio. We'll cover pottery, glass working, heat treating, and everything in-between.

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Allow us to introduce to you this week's Artist Spotlight: Emily Jones

Emily is located in Sacramento, California and is working on honing their craft of Ceramics & Pottery.

How long have you been crafting?

My whole life! I can't imagine being alive without creating.

Why did you get started?

My grandmother was an artist and saw the artist's way in me at a young age and helped to encourage my growth in the arts. Because of her I fought my way into art school and paid my way to my BFA in fine art and art education. I know have my own art studio for painting and ceramics as well as teach ceramics to students at the highschool level.

Who are your inspirations?

My grandmother, Jeanne Davis, Artemisia Gentileschi, Judy Chicago, Marina Abramović, Kara Walker...really any female artist who has a powerful voice in their artwork. I am here for the powerful female artist and working to be among them as a powerful women artist as well.

I can't imagine being alive without creating.
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Why do you do what you do?

It's how I make the world make sense. When I have something happen to me in life, a current event touches me, any questions, loves, challenges...I have to find a way to take it apart with clay, paint, watercolor, string, really anything. Then I put it back together in a way that helps me to better understand what I am experiencing. My art really is both my voice and my therapy at the same time.

How did you learn - and how do you continue to grow and educate yourself?

I was self-taught for years until I went to the San Francisco Academy of Art University where I studied a variety of disciplines as well as art education. I fell in love with having a community of other artists to work around and learn from with my time at AAU. When I graduated I knew it was important for me to find another community of artists to work around and learn from. That's when I found Broad Room. An Art Collective in Sacramento that rents out spaces to artist as well as open space for the public to come in and work on art. It's wonderful because I have my own little studio to work in AND I get to meet and collaborate and learn from the other members in the collective. Also being a high school art teacher I learn so much from my own student's explorations with their creative voices.

Do you have a philosophy, or style that you bring to your work?

That all art is a form of communication. It's important to take time to find out what the art is trying to communicate. That's how we grow as humans. Seeing and experiencing different views and opinions. And I truly believe the strongest and most beautiful way of learning is through making one's own art and experiencing other's art as well.

What equipment are you using?

As of now my practice has involved my MAS1823HE Olympic Kiln, High Fire clay, Case For Making Water Colors, Posco Pens, oil paint. Really anything I can get my fingers tips on.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I always want to encourage everyone to find their own inner artist. I believe all human beings were given the gift to create. This idea that artists are in a category all their own is just so silly to me. We all have the ability to create and explore our feelings, relationships, and realities through the conversation of art-making. I want my life to be finding new ways to share my creative voice as well as influence and teach others to find and use theirs as well.

Interested in finding more of Emily's work?

Discover more of Emily's work at, @emilybriggsjonesart on Instagram, and Facebook!

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