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A Knife Maker's Guide to Evenheat Heat Treat Ovens

Proper heat treatment is an essential part of knife making. Without precise control of time and temperature, the blade won’t hold an edge or else may be too brittle for use. Evenheat knife ovens, also known as heat treating ovens and heat treating furnaces, are the very best in the industry, and we built this comprehensive guide to help you find the best oven for your needs.

Buying a heat treating oven is a complicated process, and we want to help you navigate the many factors involved in finding the perfect one for you. We also want the buying process to be as smooth and painless for you, and that's why we offer the lowest online prices guaranteed. We also offer free shipping on all standard orders and we never charge sales tax, so you'll get the very best value out of your new heat-treating oven.

Evenheat Knife Oven Series: KH, LB and KO


Evenheat knife forges come in three main series: KH, LB and KO. The KH series is perfect for hobbyist knifemakers working out of a residence. Running on standard North American 120v and using a standard household plug, it can be set up anywhere in the home.

Despite its low weight and smaller interior chamber, KH series ovens can heat up to 2200° F.

Read more about the KH-414 and KH-418 series, our most popular KH heat treating ovens.

 Evenheat KH414


The LB series also maxes out at 2200° F but offers more capacity. Our bestselling heat treating oven, the LB 18, has twice the interior dimensions as the KH-418 and three times that of the KH-414. Running on 240v, it’s perfect for small machine shops, and the LB series represent our most popular sellers.


If you’re needing even higher temperatures, you’ll want to consider the KO series. Its thicker wall insulation allows temperatures of up to 2400° F. Its 240v requirement makes it perfect for machine shops. Read more about our most popular KO heat treating oven, the KO-225.

KF Extreme Depth

The KF Extreme Depth Series was designed for those that want the amazing benefits of the LB Series: Side only elements, 2200° F maximum temperature, 240 volt power for fast heating times, and amazingly professional design - But need even more room!

This series was designed with length in mind for those beautiful, elegant, long blades you have in mind! Each KF Extreme Depth model features dual doors so that access can be made on both ends of the kiln!

Sizing stars at the KF 31.5 Extreme measuring at, of course, 31.5" in length - and goes all the way up to the KF 49.5 Extreme, clocking in at 49.5" for it's depth!

If you're looking to make swords or other longer blades, this is the series for you.

The HT Series

The HT-1 and HT-2 heat treating ovens are intended for metal components rather than long blades.

Evenheat HT-2

Sizes of Ovens for Making Knives

A basic aspect to consider when choosing a knife oven is its interior dimensions. Ovens for making knives are considerably smaller than many other kinds of kilns because of the small size of the average project. Size reduction helps to curb costs as well as improve heating times.

Determine the size of the largest blades you intend on creating and make sure it can fit inside your chosen kiln. For KF and KO products, the product numbers correspond to the internal depth in inches. The KF-18 kiln is 18 inches deep, for example. We also offer a full set of dimensions in the specification section on the right side of every product page.

Temperatures for Heat Treating Knives

Necessary temperatures are determined by the type of steel you work with, so make sure of your own requirements before buying an oven for heat treating knives. Most of our heat treating ovens max out at either 2200° or 2400° F, although the HT series have a maximum of 2000°, which is still hot enough for most common types of steel.

Prices for Heat Treating Ovens for Sale

Price is determined primarily by size and maximum temperature.  As such, customers should carefully consider the types of steel and length of blades they intend to work with before selecting a heat treating oven. We recommend the KH or LB series for new knife-maker. The base model KH 414, operating at 120V, begins at $2,051.99 while the larger LB 27, running on 240V, begin at $2,199.99. 


Controllers regulate the heating and cooling of the kiln. Every Evenheat knife oven offers one or more types of controllers to choose from, and each has its own unique features.


The Set-Pro controller is an economical option which operates both easily and efficiently. A simple three button control can be used to set up to four firing programs, with each program including up to eight segments. An on-the-fly feature allows you to add time and temperature to your holds. It also offers a skip ahead feature. The Set-Pro is a great controller for beginners, but many advanced craftsmen also love its ease of use. It is available on every knife ovens for sale.

set pro controller


The Rampmaster controller provides additional versatility to your Evenheat blade oven. A numerical keypad allows operators to create up to 12 distinct firing programs, each including up to eight segments. On-the-fly adjustments and special menu functions provide additional control to create the ideal firing environment for your project. An alarm package lets you know when the soak/period is reached and again when it has ended, providing even more control.

rampmaster controller


The Genesis controller is a touchscreen device which offers preset programs to be used out of the box as well as twelve customizable programs, each capable of containing up to 32 segments. It also includes features such as the ability to add time or temperature to the hold time and the ability to skip to the next segment of a program.

genesis controller


The TAP controller offers all of the features of the Genesis along with wi-fi capability, allowing the kiln to be monitored, programmed or adjusted from any desktop, laptop or mobile device.

The large touchscreen allows all information to be available at once, without the need to search through multiple screens. In addition, while in standby mode or running a firing program, the TAP controller uses a large scale font which can be read across the room, allowing you to easily check the state of your Evenheat knife oven wherever you are.

TAP controller

For more information, check out our guide to Evenheat controllers.

Electricity and Voltage

All Evenheat ovens for heat treating knives are electric-powered. Smaller kilns such as then KH414 and the KH418 require a 120v power supply, which is the standard voltage for residential outlets in North America, and uses standard NEMA-5 15R (three pronged) plugs. However, this limited power requirement only minimally limits heat output, which can still reach 2200° F.

Larger kilns such as the KO, KF and HT lines require a 240v power supply using a NEMA-6 20R or NEMA-6 50R plug which may require a special power receptacle. These are more often used in professional workshops, and offer maximum temperatures ranging from 2000° F to 2400° F. No matter where you intend to use it, speak with an electrician to determine what is needed to safely provide 240v power these blade ovens.

Evenheat does not offer 3 phase ovens.

Heat Treat Furnace Accessories

Evenheat offers a variety of accessories to add even more functionality to your knife oven.

Blade Holders

Evenheat blade holders secure your blades during firing while offering ample space for foil inflation. Our small MK 1 Blade Fixture is designed for use with the KH series. The larger MK 2 blade fixture is meant for the KF and KO series. It will not fit a KH oven.

Evenheat MK2 Blade Fixture

Power Interrupter Switch

The power interrupter switch is an essential safety feature for any artist planning on opening the kiln while firing. The switch automatically cuts power to all heating elements when the lid is opened and returns power when the lid is closed.

Evenheat power interrupter switch for knife ovens

Quiet Drive Solid State Relay

Over time, mechanical relays wear out and require replacement. The Quiet Drive Solid State Relay, however, has no moving parts to wear down, meaning they never need replacement. Solid state relays also provide superior heating element operation, providing better temperature control, longer element life and overall enhanced performance. This solid state relay is available on all models with electronic controls.

Solid state quiet drive for Evenheat ovens

Which Evenheat heat treat oven is right for you?

Buying an oven for heat treating your knives is a significant investment, so it’s important you arm yourself with as much information as possible before making a final decision. Let us analyze your needs, present all the options and help you select a heat treat furnace that’s perfect for your needs. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, buying the proper Evenheat knife oven will be the most important decision you make for years to come.

We promise the lowest prices on every knife oven for sale. Shipping is always free, and you never pay sales tax. Let us help you finding the perfect oven for making your knives.


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